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Extreme Ventures - Brighton Indoor Climbing Wall & Outdoor Rock Climbing Specialist

Terms and Conditions

Booking Information


What Customers are told?

On booking forms clients are given information about the time and date of their course. They are also if possible given the instructors name and the meeting place, with directions and information about what to expect. They are also given a generic kit list and what they need to bring.

  • Appropriate clothing, comfortable and easy to move around in. NOT JEANS.
  • No money or Jewellery
  • Equipment supplied by Extreme Ventures
  • That you will only wait 15 Mins (see section on lateness)
  • A form is also provided to list all students’ names and emergency contact number listing any relevant illness and medical information.


What the Instructors are told

The Instructors booking form provide as much information as we have Inc times, dates, contact numbers, group size etc. The Instructors form also contains a section to report on the session.


Extreme Ventures does everything in its power to inform clients what to expect. All groups get this information on their booking forms. Groups arriving ill equipped are not the Instructors problem example, if clients are wearing boots they MAY NOT climb, they can climb in bare feet or socks or swap shoes with someone when it is their turn.


Non Arrival

If a group does not arrive on time the Instructor will wait 15 minutes before contacting the director. If he cannot be contacted the instructors will wait an hour before packing up and leaving the agreed meeting point which will consider you as a non-arrival and your course is completed unless you have made appropriate contact to inform Extreme Ventures you will be over one hour late on 07835528548.


Holiday and Weekend courses; the instructor will wait 15 minutes and then continue with the course as booked so other customers in the group do not get delayed.


If you have purchased a promotional voucher deal from a third party and do not arrive for your booked course your voucher will be considered used, redeemed and non-refundable.


If you have booked a private course directly with Extreme Ventures and do not arrive for your session within one hour of your agreed booked course time then your activity will be considered completed and non-refundable unless you have made appropriate contact with Extreme Ventures to inform us otherwise on 07835528548.


Even if you make contact to inform Extreme Ventures you will be late the course will still finish on the agreed time.



The course will start at the agreed booked date/time and end as arranged and booked. Courses start and finish at the car park or designated meeting point regardless of the time you arrive.



Clients must leave valuables out of sight in vehicles, or with a member of their own organising staff. Instructors are not responsible for your valuables.


Pre-visit Information

Extreme Ventures aims to provide visitors with all necessary information prior to their adventure with us in order to ensure that all customers are adequately prepared for the activities you are going to participate in. Before arriving all customers are provided with an information pack including medical consent form, terms and conditions, a copy of Extreme Ventures Standards & Expectations, kit list and if applicable dietary requirements.


Consent Form

The medical consent form is clearly very important to health and safety, it is of utmost importance that all instructors are aware of any ‘serious’ conditions in the visiting group. The group’s Lead Instructor is primarily responsible for checking the forms for any areas of concern; the Director is always on hand to consult if necessary via mobile if required. Once examined the Lead Instructor is then responsible for circulating information to other instructors on the group. Forms are then filed in a secure location or taken on activity whatever appropriate at the time. The kit list is provided to groups and is relevant to the activities they will be participating in; it aims to ensure that groups are as best prepared as possible.


Who’s Responsible?

The Instructor and teachers/group organisers retain ultimate responsibility for pupils at all times during adventure activities, even when the group is under instruction by a member of the provider’s staff. The provider is responsible for the safe running of an activity. Clear handover and hand back procedures should be in place. Everyone, including the clients, must have an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the attending staff/parents and Extreme Ventures Staff.


Expectations for Visiting Groups


Extreme Ventures feels it is necessary to lay down the expectations for visiting groups in order to ensure that each visiting group with Extreme Ventures have equal opportunity to experience an outdoor adventure trip. It also assists Extreme Ventures with maintaining good health and safety for attending groups and other members of the public when out on location. We therefore ask, as a necessary booking condition, that there is always an adult available during the trip to monitor and, if necessary, enforce the following rules:


  • All members of the group must be considerate to others. This includes treating Extreme Ventures staff, other groups, teachers and members of the public weather out on location or on site with respect.
  • In addition, it is expected that visiting groups will also show respect for property. Extreme Ventures, their own and other participants within our current location. Costs for damage caused will usually be passed on to the group responsible.
  • No smoking is permitted anywhere other than designated areas no equipment most be worn whilst smoking, eating or drinking.
  • Theft or illegal activities will be reported to the authorities.
  • The Instructor is obligated to fulfil loco parentis at all times during your visit to Extreme Ventures.
  • Party members must also follow the countryside code.
  • Group members must not behave in an anti-social manner. For example using offensive or insulting language, bullying and threatening behaviour. Extreme Ventures deal with a wide range of groups every year and there will be circumstances where this occurs, however Instructors must acknowledge the impact these groups have on others and control the effects as far as possible.
  • Extreme Ventures reserves the right to send home any individual for illegal activities or gross misconduct. In such cases the cost will be totally borne by the individual or the group.


Safety is of paramount importance in all our activities, so whilst yourself or group are having fun you can be sure that everyone is being well looked after too and return home bursting with new found confidence and tales of new achievement.


Extreme Ventures Fully Endorse the British Mountaineering Councils Participation Statement.


"The BMC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions."

Extreme Ventures Gift Vouchers Terms and Conditions

  1. Treat Gift vouchers like cash. Lost or stolen vouchers cannot be replaced.
  2. Extreme Ventures Gift Vouchers are issued by Extreme Ventures only.
  3. Transactions may only take place with Extreme Ventures, when the gift voucher is presented. The amount deposited or redeemed from a gift voucher will be shown on the invoice which you should keep
  4. The Extreme Ventures Gift Voucher can be used for any Extreme Ventures activities and the balance on the gift voucher may be used for in full payment only at any time whilst this gift voucher is valid.
  5. Unfortunately at this time you cannot use Gift Vouchers when booking online.
  6. Gift Vouchers are valid for a period of 2 years. You will not be able to use your Gift Voucher after that date.
  7. Extreme Ventures cannot be held liable for lost/stolen gift vouchers.

All Promotional Voucher Terms and Conditions

Groupon, Living Social, Deal Cloud, Mighty Deals e.t.c


  • We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions anytime regardless of promotional offers or vouchers ongoing, completed or purchased
  • Contact Merchant for dates, times and availability or please check here for current updates
  • Entire Value must be used in a single visit
  • No Re-Scheduling for booked and confirmed courses
  • Cancellation of Booked and confirmed course will consider your Voucher as Used
  • Voucher(s) will be redeemed to confirm your booking
  • Voucher may only be used with course dates available for the activity purchased
  • Extreme Ventures will decide the course dates and times and change them where necessary
  • Entire Value must be used in a single visit
  • Voucher may only be used with course dates available for the activity purchased
  • No restriction on quantity of vouchers purchased per person but each voucher must be redeemed by a different person
  • Booking Subject to availability
  • If there is not enough participants for the course Extreme Ventures will re-scheduled the time and date of the course accordingly
  • If you do not turn up for a booked and confirmed course your voucher will be considered used



  • Maximum weight is 16 stone for roped activities
  • Maximum group size 12 people
  • Suitable from 7 years old
  • Customers must be in good health to participate


Useful Information

  • If applicable Refreshments Include (tea-coffee and biscuits)
  • Lunch is not provided please bring plenty to drink a food if required
  • Courses are Mixed Adult and Child Groups with other customers
  • Consent form required for all participants – Under 18’s require parental consent
  • Under 18's require a responsible adult to attend
  • Please bring any medication if required i.e. inhaler e.t.c
  • All activities include a CRB Checked, Fully Qualified & Experienced Instructor, Equipment, Insurance and Entry/Hire fees.
  • ** Adverse weather may affect booking – in this instance the booking will be rescheduled
  • During Activities 3 Hours or more we will take a short lunch break
  • Suitable attire must be used to participate – this includes waterproofs, clothing and footwear; no boots or wellies
  • Outdoor climbing is located near Tunbridge Wells approx 26 miles from Brighton & 45 Miles from London

Private Course Booking Terms & Conditions

  • If you do NOT require this booking inform us immediately by phone & then email or in writing, so others can be offered your space.
  • We reserve the right to charge in full for any un-notified cancelations.
  • Refunds will incur a 3.5% banking fee charges.
  • Cancelation within the last 7 days will incur a £50 charge.
  • Rescheduling within 7 days will incur a £20 charge.
  • Photos may be taken for marketing purposes
  • Some instructors have group friendly dog.
  • Groups under the age of 16 must be attended by a responsible adult – group leader/organiser.
  • Although Extreme Ventures instructors endeavour to keep everyone safe at all times and manage a group responsibly, group leaders/organisers accept responsibility for the safe behaviour of young people.
  • Group leaders/organisers may be asked to assist the instructor to ensure extra safety of the group (i.e. protect a spot to prevent young people going near the edge of a rock face).
  • The instructor has the right to stop a session at any time if he/she feels it is unsafe to continue. (This may include the weather & miss-conduct or behaviour of a group that may cause injury to themselves or others).
  • Extreme Ventures provides an extensive list of operating procedures, health & Safety regulations, risk assessments and emergency action procedures for all activities.
  • It is up to the customer to request a full disclosure of our standards and regulations prior to the start of your session if you require it; anybody has the right to request a full disclosure of our regulations at any time.
  • All staff and customers are expected to upheld and abide by our standards and expectations and any other centre facilities we may be using.
  • Customers found to intentionally damage any equipment, facilities hired or public areas used by Extreme Ventures will be charged for the current value of the damaged item.

Extreme Ventures Fully Endorse the British Mountaineering Councils Participation Statement


"The BMC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions."

Marquee and Gazebo Hire Terms and Condit[...]
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Contact Details


01732 446252


Opening times

Office Opening Hours:

7 days a week

10:00 - 20:00


Outdoor Climbing Harrison Rocks:

Spring - Autumn 10:00 - 22:00

Winter 10:00 - 17:00

Open Public & Bank Holiday


Indoor Climbing Brighton:

Advanced Instructed Bookings available 7 days a week from 10:00 - 20:00

Closed Public & Bank Holidays

Freelance Staff Required




Outdoor Climbing

Harrison Rocks



Brighton Indoor Climbing Stanley Deason Leisure Centre




Start: Immediately

End: N/A


Freelance Staff required for mostly weekend work, occasional weekday work.




Are you looking for a great place to work in exciting, adventurous surroundings with excellent personal climbing on your doorstep!


Outdoor Climbing Instructors are based near Tunbridge Wells at Harrison Rocks.


Indoor Climbing instructors required at our indoor climbing wall in Brighton at the Stanley Deason Leisure Centre.




  • Outdoor Instructors: RCI or SSA
  • Indoor Instructors: CWI qualified staff
  • First Aid Qualified: Minimum 16 hours
  • Own Car required

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